The Town Pound

"The Town Pound was built in 1845. This small, nearly-square pound, 48 1/2 by 48 feet is formed by fieldstone walls four to five feet high and 2 1/2 feet wide. A large flat slab of unworked granite forms a lintel above the opening for the iron gate which once hung here. A small brook flows through one corner of the pound. This property has been entered on the National Register." - from the Statewide Historical Preservation Report of the RI Historical Preservation Commission. Pounds were sturdy enclosures built to hold animals that were wandering around loose. A townsperson was designated poundkeeper, making sure the animals were cared for, and that any applicable fines were paid. The Foster Pound is one of the few with a brook running through it to water the animals. The pound is located at pole 15 South Killingly Road just south of Foster Center.