Programs Available

Town Programs:

The Planning Board will soon be recommending a tax incentive for existing and new businesses to the Town Council. A property will be taxed at incremental portions of the post-improvement rate following a certificate of occupancy or improvements to a structure being certified by the building official. Stay tuned for when this incentive becomes active.

All properties zoned HC2 and GB are zoned for several commercial/industrial uses if you are an HC2 or GB property owner interested in selling your property, please contact Town Planner, Grant McGregor at or (401) 702-5012.

RI Ready:

State Programs:

The goal of the Business Services Division at the RI Department of State is to educate the state’s business owners to make starting a business easier for entrepreneurs. Our website features many resources that support that goal, including step-by-step instructions to register a business or non-profit, tools to explore necessary professional licenses, and access to relevant regulations and resources provided by other state agencies.  

We recognize that many new business owners start their research at the municipal level, and would appreciate the opportunity to share our resources with your customers to help them navigate business registration at the state level.

Below are our main resources with direct links, as well as a brief explanation of each one: 

Business Assistant: 

The Business Assistant is our main tool to help new business owners to get started. After answering questions about their proposed business, the user will receive a customized task list with registration instructions, professional licensing applications, state laws and regulations, additional guidance, and more. This helps entrepreneurs compile all of the state-level requirements for their particular business in one, easy-to-use place. 

  • Information for Rhode Island Businesses - our main page for all for-profit entities looking to plan, start, maintain or close their business. 

  • Information for Non-Profit Corporations - our main page for all non-profit entities looking to plan, start, maintain or close their organization. 

  • Business Services email - this is the email address for anyone with questions or concerns about their new or existing business or non-profit. 

Thank you, 

Sam Merriam
Business Services Fellow
RI Department of State