How do I get a burn permit?

If you with to burn brush on your property, you must contact the Fire Department Official in your district. If you do not know which district your property falls into, please check the map pdf below.

  • For Foster Center, contact Aaron Marsland at (401) 626-6470.
  • For Moosup Valley, contact Bob Larrivee at (401) 397-9024, or Paul Cunniff at 451-1737, or Gordon Rogers at (401) 255-6357.
  • For South Foster, contact Roy Shippee at (401) 524-7684, or Bob Larrivee at (401) 397-9024, or John Kent at (401) 639-2895 / or 647-5458, or Gordon Brayton at (401) 640-1958.

Please contact them in the order of preference as they are listed. Thank you.

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