The Tikkanen / Martin Property

The Tikkanen / Martin Property Berry View Trail on Kennedy Road is now open for hiking.

A parking area has been created for easy access: To enter, follow a gravel driveway across from Pole 49 up the driveway about 100 feet where parking is available for 5 to 6 cars. You can then access the trail through the east gate or the north gate.

To enter the Berry View Trail from the north gate, look north across the field to the white blazes on trees at the wall. Please stay to the left along the edge of the field to protect the grasses. To enter from the east gate, the trail starts on an old cart road that leads to the rear of the property. The cart road ends and becomes a single path trail at the back of the property. It then heads north for a few hundred yards and then turns west heading back to the field and the parking area. The white-blazed trail ends in the north field. Please cross the field by traveling along the right edge of the field to protect the grasses.

This is an easy ability trail, mosty level with some light grades. Note that some area of the trail can be wet in the early spring. The forest is a mix of pine, spruce, and assorted hardwoods. Trail length is approximately one mile.

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