The Spencer West Property - closed

Spencer-West trails on Paine Road are closed for your safety during a Forest Management project. Expected closing dates are December 2019 through March or April, 2020.  We are sorry for any inconvenience. 

The Spencer West Property is located on the east side of Paine Road. Parking is available between poles 38 and 39 where you can be well off the road and visibility is good. To enter, walk north along Paine Road to Pole 36 where there is a steel gate. (See map attached below.)

The main white-blazed trail is a large loop circling the property intersected by a “shortcut” connector part way through. The beginning of the main trail is also an access road so it provides comfortable walking. The first right on the white-blazed trail begins the “Pond Loop” trail in a counterclockwise fashion,  or for a slightly longer walk, you can take the next right on the blue-blazed “Deer Leap Connector”. Otherwise continue on the white-blazed trail throughout which leads to the longer “Laurel Loop Trail”. This trail continues on to the back of the property. It is a single track trail with some rocky areas.


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