Hayfield Property Trail Descriptions and Map

The Hayfield Property is located at Pole 54 Winsor Road off Route 101 (Hartford Pike). It encompasses 109 acres. (See the link below for a map.) The trails are blazed as follows:

  • The yellow blazed "Hayfield Trail" is the main trail leading out from the parking area at pole 54 Winsor Road. It leads south toward an old mill site on the Ponagansett River. The mill site is located on State of RI land just over the Land Trust boundary. This trail connects with all other trails on the property.
  • The white blazed "Chipmunk Trail" is the longest trail and runs about two miles in a loop, intersecting with the "Hayfield Trail" and the "Rocky Trail". It is mostly a single track trail with the exception of the field on the east side. The walking quality varies from easy to stony to open field with a few short steep sections. It is only a short distance from where this trail crosses the "Rocky Trail" to the mill site which makes an interesting stopping point about halfway around.
  • The red blazed "Rocky Trail" has some difficult sections but is mostly open. The eastern portion is wet and from the intersection with the "Chipmunk Trail", it is wet, rocky, and hilly for a while.
  • The blue blazed "Pasture Trail" provides nice views of the valley to the east. It is generally open and allows for easy walking with some single track areas at the south end.

All trails are open for all non-motorized use, including hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, trail running, and horseback riding with the exception of the white blazed "Chipmunk Trail" which is too narrow for horseback riding or skiing. Equestrians should also use caution on the red blazed "Rocky Trail".

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