Archery Hunting Regulations

For Foster Land Trust Properties

(See also Archery Hunting Permits)

Hunting is permitted on designated Land Trust properties only. You must produce a current hunting license before a Foster Land Trust Archery Deer Permit is granted. Each year the properties available to hunt will be announced prior to the start of Bow Hunting season.

1. HUNTING IS LIMITED TO ARCHERY ONLY. All forms of Archery are allowed. The use of long bows, recurve, compound and crossbows are permitted. Hunters must abide by all State of Rhode Island Deer Hunting Laws for Zone 2 regulations. Hunters must comply with RIDEM Bow Hunting rules for bow minimum draw weight requirements and broadhead requirements.

2. All RIDEM Archery Hunting Regulations and prohibited deer hunting activities shall be followed including: licensing, bag limits, tagging, hours of hunting, use of electronic calls, feeding and baiting. A valid Hunting License and a Bow Hunting Tag must be in his/her possession at all times while on the property.

3. The construction of permanent tree stands is prohibited. The use of nails, spikes, bolts, or devices that may damage trees is prohibited. Hunting from tree stands is allowed, preferably ladder stands. The  name, address, and phone number  must be attached to the tree stand. Tree stands may be installed three days before the start of the Archery Season, and must be removed no later than three days after the archery season ends. Remove them or lose them. Failure to comply with these rules will result in immediate termination of hunting privileges from the property.

4. No firearms or alcohol are allowed on Land Trust property at any time.

5 No littering. Please abide by carry in, carry out policies.

6. Hunters must be cognizant that others are also using the property on maintained trails. Hikers and equestrian riders may be using trails--be careful! Access to hunting locations is allowed on the trails. Tree stands must be at least 100 feet from any trail.

7. SAFETY is the number one concern for all hunters. Please use safety harness while in tree stands. Always be a responsible hunter. Follow safety rules at all times. Be courteous to others who use the Land Trust property. For you safety and that of others, always travel to and from your stands with an empty bow.