RETIREMENT, SOCIAL SECURITY AND FINANCES: When is the 'Right' time to retire?

Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 7:00pm to 8:30pm

While thinking about retirement can be exciting….all those pictures of traveling, volunteering and living the life of leisure, it can also be scary entering the world of no weekly paychecks.  On September 26th, Foster DHS has invited a specialist from Fidelity Investments to answer questions you may have about retirement.  It will be a free information program starting at 7PM at the Ben Eddy Building on the corner of Howard Hill and South Killingly Roads.

It’s confusing trying to figure out the finances of retirement.  There are so many variables…how much have you paid into Social Security? How old should you be to retire to maximize those benefits? What if you’re divorced or widowed…how do those Social Security benefits work for you? Does it make a difference if you’re married or single?  Should you and your spouse retire at the same time or stagger it?  Do you have a pension and how does that payout work?  What about your investments and IRAs?  Should you pay off your mortgage now with any of those investments?  How much money will you need monthly to pay your bills once you retire? 

Come to this information meeting to get answers to these and other questions you may have.