• 23 Theodore Foster Road - Link to property details
    • This property is owned by the Town of Foster.
    • The site would be ideal for office-type uses, allowable by-right with no special approvals needed.
    • Existing sewer, septic and all applicable utlities. Three-phase power is accessible nearby.
    • The property is currently zoned as Agricultural/Residential. Located off of Route 101 (aka Hartford Pike). 15 minutes to I-395, 15 minutes to I-295 and 20 minutes to Providence. 
    • The surrounding property on the site has been identified for potential solar farm. Any use proposed on the site would need to operate alongside a solar farm.
    • The Town is interested in discussing with any interested parties about the potential reuse of the building. If you have any questions or interested in using the site for a use other than general offices, please call Michael Antonellis, Town Planner (401)702-5012.