About Us

Town of Foster Government

Town Council:


John L. Lewis, Jr.

President(401) 647-5971

Denise DiFranco

Vice President(401) 647-5195

Cheryl Hawes

Member(401) 397-9005

Jon Restivo

Member(401) 222-9365
Gordon RogersMember(401) 255-6357

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Other Town Officials:


Renee M. Bevilacqua, Esq.

Town Solicitor(401) 392-9201
John J. Bevilacqua, Esq.Assistant Town Solicitor(401) 392-9201

Board Of Canvassers:


Robert DePalo

Chair(401) 392-9201

Cynthia Cardillo

Member(401) 392-9201

Mary DiLibero

Member(401) 392-9201

Carolyn Kerttula, alternate

Member(401) 392-9201

Mary Jo Chretien,, alternate

Member(401) 392-9201

Corder of WoodRobert Thurber

Member(401) 392-9201

Emergency Management:


Sharon Cotter

EMA Director(401) 392-9201

Guenter Bay

Asst. EMA Director(401) 392-9201

Thomas Walden

Engineering Board Liaison(401) 392-9201

Tom D'Agostino

Fence Viewer(401) 392-9201

Aden Restivo

Keeper of the Keys(401) 392-9201

Ken Knight

Sealer Of Weights & Measures(401) 392-9201

Edward Balfour

Town Historian(401) 392-9201

Robert Boyden

Town Moderator(401) 392-9201

James Philips

Tree Warden(401) 392-9201

Kathleen Tegan Swanson

School Committee Chair(401) 647-5119

Shelley D. Pezza

School Committee Vice-Chair(401) 647-3295

Ron Cervasio

School Committee Member(401) 952-4830

State Representatives:


Nicholas Kettle

State Senator(401) 222-2708

Michael W. Chippendale

State Representative(401) 497-4495